Remember these two? Exciting news!

Remember these two beautiful gals from LIFT 2017?

In case you don’t know them, meet Emily and Jessica – two amazing young women who helped make our January LIFT event happen! From decorations to food and too many other details to list, we couldn’t have made it through the night (and the weeks leading up to it) without them.

And on that note, we’re excited to share this news…

Last week, Pam, Kirsten and I had dinner with Jessica and Emily to talk about plans for 2018. (Yep, we’re already planning another wonderful event for you.)

Not only did they have great ideas and suggestions for LIFT in general, they will be playing a lead role in planning for next year!

These two women have an energy about them that is contagious. Their friendship is fun to witness too (they actually met at LIFT 2016; we’ll share that story with you in the future because it’s pretty neat).

Both Jessica and Emily have amazing talents and experience with planning, marketing, and virtually all that goes into making an event special. They share our passion to help women be the best they can be and are both great examples of living inspired, fearless and thriving! (We love how they’ve jumped into LIFT with both feet, excited about what’s ahead. We are too!)

We are truly honored that they are so generously volunteering their time to help us find a venue for next year, plan desserts for the night, and create an overall theme for the decor. (They even coached us on “flow” of guests around the dessert tables at LIFT… you can see why we need them!) We want our events to make you feel like the special person you are and we know you’ll feel their touch at the next event.

Please join us in welcoming Jessica and Emily to the LIFT team. They are dynamo women doing amazing things in our community – and we feel lucky to have them on board.

Stay tuned for more updates to come, as our schemes and dreams for LIFT 2018 continue to unfold. Great things ahead! (And to make sure you get the latest updates, be sure to join our FB group and subscribe to our blog.)




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