Teaming up (and we’ll see you on Wednesday!)

Teaming up with friends

The coach shouted just one word to the five girls on the court:


My daughter and her teammates immediately shifted their defensive strategy and double-teamed their tall, ball-carrying opponent. It proved to be the best answer to end the flurry of scoring the opposing basketball team was enjoying.

I admired the coach’s wisdom. The girls couldn’t determine why their tactics weren’t being effective, but the coach had the benefit of experience and the ability to see from the sidelines what was happening in the “big picture.”

The coach could see that the best answer was to double up on the adversary.

Maybe the same wisdom applies to our lives, too? I don’t think we’re meant to go through life alone. Especially when we’re facing challenges. So often when I’ve shared a struggle, my friends have stepped in with practical assistance or helpful advice. And even when nothing can change the circumstances, companionship in the journey buoys the heart and makes the burden lighter.

What burden are you currently carrying alone? What keeps you from asking for help with the load? Is it fear of rejection, that nobody will help? Or shame that you need it? What is it that makes you think you have to go it alone?

My friends, you don’t have to.

Someone else is feeling overwhelmed by her opponent, too, and would be so glad to have a teammate come alongside—you’ll be more effective together no matter what you’re facing.

Let’s call a different defensive strategy, gals. You heard the coach: Doubles!

If you don’t have your tickets yet, it’s not too late to join us. Plan to buy your ticket soon, though, because we’ll have only a limited number of seats available at the door (and the price increases to $20; cash/check only). Online ticket sales end at midnight Tuesday night. And don’t forget to bring a donation to City Light if you’d like to (see the last Wednesday’s blog post)! 

Eventbrite - Lift 2017

**LIFT is a gathering of women to help you Live: Inspired, Fearless, and Thriving. Our events are designed to help women discover their true identity and purpose, and then live that out with passion. The heart behind LIFT is to bring women together in community. At each of our events, Pam Strain, Kirsten Holmberg and Genny Heikka share three inspiring talks on topics women care passionately about. 


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