An infusion of wisdom for us–and you!

It was like drinking from a firehose. (In the best way!)

Genny and I attended the Global Leadership Summit last week. I wish you could have been there with us—and maybe next year you will be (I hope!). We want everything we learned to be in your hands, as well, so take these bite-sized morsels of wisdom and do great things with them!!


  • Pastor Bill Hybels stressed the importance for leaders (that’s YOU, ladies!) to keep their “passion bucket” filled. What do you need to do to feel restored, replenished, and passionately engaged in your primary role?
  • Alan Mulally, former CEO of Ford, steered the company through a $17B loss on the principal of serving mankind not trying to capture market share.
  • Co-chair of the Gates Foundation, Melinda Gates, discussed (and demonstrated) how vital it is to live out your values. These are the guiding principals in how they allocate their own resources and that of the foundation.
  • Jossy Chacko, founder of Empart USA, threw down the leadership gauntlet in a most inspiring way, using the parable of the talents. His organization operates on the notion that risk is a friend to embrace, not an enemy to fear… because without risk (faith!) our vision (and our God) is too small. I wish all our Conquering Fear workshop attendees could have heard him!
  • Powerhouse Patrick Lencioni articulated how vital leadership is in our culture… encouraging us all to not cower in the face of the current state of affairs. We’re needed, friends. At the same time, he liberated us all to admit our weaknesses, reminding us that vulnerability is an integral part of a healthy relationship (and, by corollary, organization).
  • Stay-at-home parents would have appreciated Chris McChesney’s words just as much as a CEO would: his message dealt with inspiring behavioral change. Driving change requires the players in the game to believe that they’re winning (making progress) and that their effort is worth it (purpose).
  • Erin Meyer gave a fantastic talk on communication and cultural differences. Even if the people you deal with are all American, her content is insightful in all matters of context and perspective differences. She’s got some free resources on her website; go check it out!
  • John Maxwell reminded us all to value people and to add value to their lives on a daily basis. People are God’s greatest treasure, so they should be ours, as well.
  • I was challenged by T.D. Jakes’ words on personal growth: that if we’re not outside our comfort zones, we’re not growing. And, more importantly, that we don’t need our “haters” to endorse us for what God has called us to do! Shall we all stop looking for support from the world when we’ve already got God’s endorsement?!
  • Hotelier Horst Schulze called us all to practice hospitality (Romans 12:13). Citing a monk’s practice, he indicated that part of excellence is receiving everyone as if he/she were Jesus Christ. Wow—what a high calling! (And ouch!)
  • Wilfredo de Jesus charged us all to dig in and fight the good fight, reminding us that unless we’re actively engaged, we will drift with the culture. “No one drifts upstream. Or toward holiness.” YES!

I needed this infusion of wisdom as I embark on some new paths and as I see my children off to another school year. I hope these brief snippets bring you some courage and inspiration, as well!

Your turn: what piece of wisdom most stood out to you from this brief synopsis? Where and how will you apply it?



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