LIFT follow-up workshop: Conquering Fear

“The greatest risk in this life is never taking the risk… never taking the next step.” – Jennifer Dukes Lee

This is what we’ll be talking about in our LIFT follow up workshop on fear–what holds you back from taking that next step? Update: the workshop will be held on Saturday morning, July 16th, 9:30 – 11:30am, 651 N Eagle Rd, Eagle, ID 83616 (same place we had our LIFT Boise event!). Registration information will be coming soon and will be posted on our blog page and social media.

We all face fears; it’s part of being human. But it’s our hope that this workshop will equip you to walk with fear in a new way and move forward in freedom to live a life of possibility and opportunity, not hesitation and holding back.

In the workshop, we’ll explore:

  • different kinds of fear and the ways fear impacts our lives
  • some key truths that will help you identify and re-frame fear in your own life
  • how our fears can actually help point us to our calling
  • and how we as women can get to a place where we can take that next step, and not let fear hold us back

Whether you battle daily fears, or simply hesitate in certain areas of your life, it’s our hope that this workshop will help you:

  • understand fear (and shame – the fear of  not being enough) better
  • gain a new perspective on fear
  • identify helpful steps to face your fears
  • move toward growth and freedom

And the best part? We’ll be doing this together. Because when we do that, we realize we aren’t alone. (There’s courage to be found when we come alongside each other!)

More details will be posted in the weeks to come! Ticketing information below:
Eventbrite - LIFT: Fear Workshop


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